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GRS PT5010-8


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GRS PT5010-8

Capable of delivering extremely wide bandwidth with low distortion, the GRS PT5010-8 open back planar driver is designed to deliver natural midrange response while remaining accurate to the highest frequencies. With an extremely lightweight diaphragm and a neodymium motor system, this driver is capable of excellent transient response with amazing dynamics. The open back construction produces true dipole radiation which is ideal for use in open baffle designs

Key Features
  • Extremely low mass diaphragm provides excellent transient response and accuracy
  • Large diaphragm produces high efficiency with incredible dynamics
  • Remarkably wide bandwidth for predictable transition to woofer and tweeter drivers
  • Open back delivers true dipole radiation for use in open baffle designs
  • Linear impedance simplifies crossover design
  • Shallow mounting depth for use in low profile designs