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GRS PT2522-4


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GRS PT2522-4 3-1/2" Planar Tweeter 4 Ohm

The GRS PT2522-4 open back planar tweeter is designed to deliver high efficiency with dynamic response. Thanks to a lightweight damped Polyethylene Naphthalate film diaphragm that is driven by 6 powerful neodymium magnets in a push-pull arrangement, this driver is capable of incredible transient response and low distortion. The linear 3.4 ohm impedance makes crossover design simple and minimizes the number of components required to achieve your required roll off. In addition, the open back design gives this tweeter true dipole radiation making it the perfect choice for use in open baffle speaker designs. The PT2522-4 is a perfect choice for use as a drop in replacement in existing systems or for use in new designs where low distortion and accurate response is needed.