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Review by Hobby HiFi 05/21

The DayDream by Bernd Timmermanns from the trade magazine Hobby-HiFi is a success story the likes of which have not been seen in DIY for a long time!

Wonderfully compact, space-saving speaker cabinets with really great sound; that's the speciality of these excellent satellite speakers. As a surround satellite in the home theatre, Daydream-Sat is just as highly talented as on the front tiers in a classic 2.1 sub-sat system. Thanks to its small size, several of these speakers can be placed in the home theatre, either suspended from the ceiling or wall, or free-standing on stands. free-standing on feet. Great cinema!

Hobby HiFi, 05/21

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Hobby HiFi 05/21

Small excellent low-midrange chassis with top price-performance ratio!

With the RS125-4 Dayton Audio provides an excellent small bass-midrange driver. Perfect for a six-litre shelf speaker, with a convincing low bass, talented, broadband and low distortion. The price-performance ratio is excellent.

Hobby HiFi, 05/21

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Dayton Audio RS125-4
Review by Hobby HiFi 05/21

Low-frequency compromise and uncompromise as a midrange-tweeter.

With the TEBM46C20N-4B, Tectonic delivers an excellent small full-range driver that can be used with low frequency uncompromisingly as a desktop sound reinforcement, uncompromisingly, however, as a midrange-tweeter in combination with a woofer.

Hobby HiFi, 05/21

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The right sound for your home theatre

variant Cinema Basic - loudspeaker family for hi-fi stereo and home cinema applications.

The tonal system compatibility makes the Cinema Basic range highly interesting for hi-fi and home cinema enthusiasts and especially those who want to become one.

Hi-fi stereo and multi-channel applications can be combined with this loudspeaker family as desired and as space available. The price and the extensive variants from pure kit from individual parts, prefabricated, soldered crossovers and dimensionally accurate MDF cut-outs to fully assembled and painted loudspeaker cabinets is simply sensational.

The special crossover boards with pictorial descriptions and the assembly films and illustrated assembly instructions to be found on the homepage make it possible even complete beginners can successfully build their own system. The variant Cinema Basic series offers an affordable with top sound quality and an unbelievably extensive range of options for expansion and selection.

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CT 316
Currently in the "Klang & Ton" - Test

Sovereign bass in quantity and quality. Well-balanced midrange with a good mix of punch and lightness.

The spatial imaging of the small speaker is absolutely perfect and, even if the measurements say otherwise, you can turn up the volume without the membranes blowing up in your face. the diaphragms blow up in your face.

Thorsten Schmid, Klang & Ton

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Hobby HiFi 03/21

DayDream - precise, present, strikingly brilliant.

Not too big floorstanding speaker with great sound, with super resolution, with a holographically real-seeming spatiality and with considerable dynamics: Thisis the DayDream TLR

These speakers use inexpensive chassis material, but it is of excellent quality. Not least thanks to a sophisticated cabinet design and highly musical acoustic tuning, an audiophile result is achieved that exceeds the low price of the material many times over.

Hobby HiFi, 03/21

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Reviewed by Klang & Ton (01/21)

And the Melodie 8018 is as confident in the listening test as it is in the measuring room:

eep and powerful basses capture the listener - you can build on a foundation like this. The very low tones find an optimal mixture of elasticity and hardness - a very successful combination, in our opinion.
The midrange is clear and merges seamlessly into the equally defined high frequency range. This has absolutely audiophile qualities, which may be adjusted a little more with the voltage divider in front of the AMT if more euphony is required. In any case, we like the extremely spatial and defined playing style of the melodie 8018 very much.

Thomas Schmidt, Klang & Ton

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Melodie 8018

Melody 8018 Sound + Tone 01/2021 2 way design floorstanding loudspeaker Mounting: Mundorf AMTU80W1.1, Dayton Audio RS180p-4; crossover components Mundorf Hi-Quality.   Excerpt from Klang + Ton...

miniDSP UMIK-1

The UMIK-1 is an omni-directional USB measurement microphone providing Plug & Play acoustic measurement. From speaker & room acoustic measurement to recording, this microphone provides low...

Cinema Basic R1

Cinema-Basic-R1 2 way bass reflex loudspeaker Equipment: Dayton Audio, DC130B-8, ND25FW-4, Crossover components Mundorf Hi-Quality: Attributes Small, full-range speaker that is suitable for both...

Dayton Audio RS150-4

Dayton Audio RS150-4 15cm aluminium cone bass-midrange driver. Wide, very linear and well balanced transmission range, stable cast iron basket, long-stroke drive unit and a massive passive plug....