MiniDSP / Dirac Live

Started back 2009, miniDSP is a technology company focusing on Digital Signal Processing platforms (DSP) for a wide range of applications. They're based in Hong Kong, a hectic but fun city. Being 1h away from Shenzhen, China's biggest electronic manufacturing hub, they have the advantages of being part of the "action". Their passion for technology and their "Agile" product development philosophy are the key drivers of the growth of the company and in-house IP.

They're not a multi-national company with a large office full of executives in fancy suits. They're a group of passionate engineers who love electronics, building new ventures and working hand in hand with the audio community. They care about their customers and how they can help solve their problems. they continue to invest time and energy to create great user manuals, great application notes on a wide range of topics. Get involved and be part of an exciting Audio community!